at west hills church, we believe that a thriving congregation is built on thriving relationships.

God’s Word calls us to be relational people. The best way to grow in Christ-likeness is to grow together. But churches, especially large ones, can overwhelm attenders and members with the sheer number of people that attend. We want to shrink the size of the church and give every person who walks through our doors an opportunity to meet someone and build a relationship with them. We accomplish this goal through specific ministry opportunities within our church. These ministries include:

  • Equipping classes

    Similar to Sunday School classes, these classes focus on specific areas of Biblical thought and practice to give believers an opportunity to grow. Currently we are offering a study through the book of Genesis, taught by Elder Board Chairman Kirk Bryza, and a study of the foundations of the Christian faith, taught by ministry intern Daniel Christensen. Kirk’s class is open to all ages, and is a systematic and in-depth look at topics and books of the Bible. Daniel’s class is focused on youth and young adults, from high school to young marrieds, and is a high-energy, interactive look at the basics of Christian teaching.

  • Bible studies

    Our primary Bible study takes place on Thursday nights at 7PM. Currently ministry intern Daniel Christensen is preaching through the book of Proverbs in this study.

  • Men’s and women’s discipleship groups

    These groups focus on walking through life as men and women together, in light of Biblical truth. Contact us for more information on these groups.

  • Children’s ministry

    Led by Children’s Ministry Coordinator Debbie Bryza, this group is for kids pre-K through 6th grade, with an emphasis on teaching young hearts truths about God, themselves, and the world around them. This ministry meets during our main service hour, after family worship.